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Material: Natural Woods

Type: Black Charcoal,

Ash Content (%): 2

Moisture: 5%

Sulfur: less than 0.01%

Burning time: >4 hours

Cacbon (%): 75-85%

Size: Diameter 4-8cm, Length 10-15cm or customized

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Instructions for Igniting and Using Charcoal:

  1. Ignition: To start the charcoal, use olefin paper or kindling. Place the paper or kindling beneath the charcoal and ignite it. Ensure proper ventilation when lighting charcoal, and never use flammable liquids or chemicals.
  2. Time for Burning to Ash: When using one pound of charcoal, arrange it randomly. You should observe that over 80% of the charcoal’s surface will have turned to ash within approximately 20 minutes, and there should be no visible flames.
  3. Duration: After 30 minutes of burning, the temperature should remain consistently above 550 degrees Fahrenheit. Even after 60 minutes, it should still be above 350 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring a sustained and adequate heat source for your needs.
  4. Smoke and Smell: Within the first 20 minutes of burning, any initial smoke and odors should dissipate, leaving a clean and odor-free burning process.

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