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Sawdust charcoal briquette is high-class product

Moisture: 7 % Max    

Ash: 4 Max    

Volatile matter: 8.01% Max                

Fixed Carbon: 75% Min            

Calorific: 7500 Kcal/kg Min    

Burning time: 4-5 hours        

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Sawdust charcoal is a smokeless clean coal product pressed from 100% wood sawdust, also known as pressed sawdust, completely free of toxic substances and safe for users. Sawdust charcoal burns up to 5 times longer than standard charcoal and is used in Chinese/Japanese restaurants, Turkish grills, many other discerning restaurants, and home users. Although slightly more expensive than regular charcoal, Sawdust charcoal will significantly reduce cost over time due to its long burn characteristics.

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